Transportation of partial cargos

The increasingly improving logistics solutions and the transportation terms that are growing shorter, allow the traders and manufacturers to take cargos in necessary amounts without storing them in great amounts. As the small business is growing, the demand for transportation of small cargos is growing as well. This tendency is growing every year, therefore our company offers the transportation of partial cargos, in order to satisfy such needs of the customers.

However, today we do not compete with the logistics companies that collect and deliver the exceptionally small cargos and shipments. The size of small cargos entrusted to us should be 1 pallet, 2 cubic meters or 500 kg and bigger, until the semi trailer is fully loaded. Several automobiles of the company are designated for such transportations every week.

The cargos we are transporting in full semi trailers very often are of smaller weight than the maximum weight allowed and of smaller size than the amount the semi trailer can bear. For this reason there is much empty space in the vehicle. When loading Your partial cargo into such semi trailer we can offer especially low transportation costs. We always have many not fully loaded vehicles, because the big amounts of cargos are forwarded and transported by our company not only using its own transport, but also hiring other transporters of Lithuania or other European countries.

We will always take your cargo and deliver it door to door.